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In the country ...

The country has diferents colors of green ( dark green , ligth green...).
If I go to the country I want to go with my family and play with the ball but my mother doesn’t want she says: you are an animal !!!!
I wear trainers because I want to run and see all the country .
I take a lot of food and sweets I love sweets.
It have a lot of trees and flowers .
I take a lot of photos I want to go again .

11/01/2013 22:52 Bianca #. sin tema

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Autor: luz

Very very good. ¡silly mistakes!: with, all, you, wear, has not have in the 3rd person, an animal....

Fecha: 12/01/2013 18:47.

Autor: Bianca

Alguno más o ya ? Y qué es silly ?

Fecha: 12/01/2013 19:26.

Autor: luz

"silly"? I don't know, look for it.

Fecha: 12/01/2013 22:19.

Autor: Bianca

Como que no lo sabes si me lo has dicho , bueno da igual

Fecha: 13/01/2013 14:58.

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